About Us Introduction


Pacific Special Alloy Castings is a leading global supplier of special alloy casting products. The parent company Nippon Soda was founded in 1932 and renamed Nisso Steel in 1949. Pacific Special Alloy Castings was then created as an offshoot of Pacific Metals in July 1984.

Special alloy castings are produced via four different molding techniques. This allows us to accommodate a variety of shapes and designs in sizes ranging from several grams up to six tons. Our production systems can work with over 500 different steel variants. Our engineers are proud of extensive experience and expertise working with a wide range of materials, from manganese steel and conventional steel castings to heat-resistant and wear-resistant variants, as well as high-performance materials such as super duplex stainless steel, nickel base alloy, and ANERI. In addition, we are always ready to design new materials and products to meet specific applications and requirements.

In recent years we have been diversifying from casting products into new areas and EBP (Electron Beam Perforation) products. We are the exclusive supplier of EBP products in Japan. EBP products have been evaluated and approved by the wide range of clients related to food industry, glass fiber manufacturing, and semi-conductor industry. Meanwhile, our in-ground water pipe joints are used by government bodies in Japan (including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and Taiwan to maintain safe and secure public water supplies.

We will continue to utilize our experience and technical expertise to identify potential global markets while monitoring the evolving demands of target markets. We are committed to pursuing a stable growth trajectory backed by a reputation for dependability and reliability. We look forward to your company on the journey ahead.

Corporate philosophy

Adding new forms of value to conventional casting products Engaging with local communities for the benefit of all

Management vision

Striving to increase by offering a comprehensive range of products centered on special alloy castings

Principles of action

  • Motivated and energized
  • Flexible outlook
  • Innovation and inspired
  • Keen to embrace new challenges
  • Strong sense of accountability