About Us Company History

January 1932 Nippon Soda Naoetsu Plant commenced production of Fe-Mn and Fe-Si electrodes
August 1934 Production of special alloys commenced
July 1939 Renamed Nippon Soda Naoetsu Steelworks
December 1947 Production of heat-resistant and acid-resistant steel casting products commenced
December 1949 Steel Division of Nippon Soda was split off to create Nisso Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd.
January 1970 Nisso Steel acquired Pacific Nickel and changes name to Pacific Metals
October 1971 New shell-mold casting plant commenced operations
March 1974 Lost wax precision casting facility commenced operations
January 1980 Plants formally accredited by Nippon Kaiji Kokai (ClassNK), followed by Lloyd’s Register in May
June 1981 Furan casting facility commenced operations
December 1983 Linac high-energy X-ray transmission inspection line installed
July 1984 Pacific Special Alloy Castings founded as an offshoot of Pacific Metals with initial capitalization of 250 million yen[2.1 million USD /1USD=120JPY]
February 1985 Production of BM stainless steel joints (in-ground water pipe joints, approved by the Japan Water Works Association (JWWA) and manufactured using materials designated in Tokyo Metropolitan Government specifications)
June 1986 Large three-dimensional measuring equipment (layout machines) installed
July 1987 1.5-ton high-frequency induction furnaces installed
September 1989 Capitalization boosted to 490 million yen
January 1990 Wood pattern facility completed; automated molding line for machine castings commenced operations in September
December 1990 First EBP (Electron Beam Perforation) unit installed
March 1993 1-ton high-frequency induction furnaces installed
December 1993 First double-column five-face machining center installed
November 1994 Vectoron spatial coordinate measuring system installed
August 1995 Extensions to lost wax precision casting facility completed
May 1998 Large NC vertical turning lathe installed
Second double-column five-face machining center installed
July 1998 3-d CAD/CAM system installed
October 1998 Second EBP (electron beam processing) unit installed
March 1999 Awarded ISO9001 and ISO9002 accreditation
October 1999 Taiwan office opens (Nissho Pacific Special Alloy Castings Taiwan Ltd.)
December 2003 Pacific Sowa set up as operating holding company, combining operations with Pacific Special Alloy Casting, Pacific Steel Mfg. and Yonago Steel Co,Ltd.
March 2005 5-ton vacuum melting induction furnace installed
August 2005 FARO 3-D digitizer installed
April 2006 NC wood machining center installed
April 2008 G-5 heat treatment furnace upgraded with larger capacity and ability to accommodate special alloys (maximum 1,250°C)
May 2008 Super duplex stainless steel (SDSS) production system developed
January 2009 Certified under CE Marking scheme
May 2009 Alkali phenol molding facility commenced operations
July 2010 NC horizontal boring and milling machine installed
September 2011 4-ton high-frequency induction furnace installed
December 2011 AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization) system installed
December 2013 G-8 heat treatment furnace upgraded to accommodate special alloys (maximum 1,250°C)
October 2014 OSHMS occupational health and safety management system accreditation
April 2015 Tokyo head office moved to Marunouchi, Tokyo