Products and Services Casting - Mass Production vs. Precision Casting

Mass production casting products

Mass production casting products

Pacific Special Alloy Castings is proud of a high-productivity automated greensand molding (also known as machine casting) line, typically used for making cement-related expendables, waste incinerator stands and industrial pumps. This type is suitable for medium or large lots, subject to certain restrictions on mold sizes.

Key products

  • Lug for construction machine

    Lug for construction machine

    Material: Company standard ARNM2
    Weight: 3-22kg

  • Grate plate for cement factory

    Material: Company standard HB512 (SCH13 equivalent)
    Weight: 20kg

  • Cement inner thimble

    Material: Company standard HB525D
    Weight: 44kg

  • Grate plate for refuse incinerator

    Material: Company standard HC324S
    Weight: 32kg

  • Hammer for crushing unit

    Material: JIS SCMnH11
    Weight: 15-26kg

  • Impeller for sand pump

    Material: Company standard AR128N2
    Weight: 14kg

Precision casting products

Precision casting products

Our precision casting line produces high-precision castings with superior dimensional accuracy and an exceptional surface finish, and is designed to accommodate sizes up to 800 mm in diameter. It is generally used for turbine components in hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power stations. Complex and irregular shapes are created via rapid prototyping, an offshoot of 3-D printing, which substantially reduces the time and expense associated with set-up and speeds up the manufacturing lead time. Precision casting is suitable for use with most materials including steel base, nickel base and cobalt base metals.

Key products

  • Francis turbine runner produced via rapid prototyping

    Material: JIS SCS5
    Weight: 70kg

  • Turbine blade for thermal power generator

    Material: JIS SCS19
    Weight: 20kg(Each blade)

  • Francis turbine runner for hydroelectric power generator

    Material: JIS SCS6
    Weight: 43kg

  • Segmented bucket wheel for hydroelectric power generator

    Material: JSI SCS5
    Weight: 220kg

  • Turbine wheel for transmission unit

    Material: JIS SCS24
    Weight: 18kg

  • Rotor for centrifugal separator

    Material: JIS SCS24mod
    Weight: 16kg