Products and Services PCSS and PTSS

PCSS - Pacific Customer Satisfaction System

Building win-win relationships with our clients

At Pacific Special Alloy Castings, we are committed to accommodating a variety of client requests with respect to price, production period, manufacturing process, materials, and design shape. From cast materials through to assembled units, our continuously evolving product range is predicated on this commitment to finding the optimum solution for every client. We work together with our clients and actively solicit feedback and suggestions for our products and manufacturing processes through the Pacific Customer Satisfaction System (PCSS), which is ultimately designed to benefit both our clients and us.

PTSS - PSC Technical Solution System

Providing clients with total peace of mind

The PSC Technical Solution System is designed to provide designers and equipment maintenance engineers with total peace of mind from the initial design stage through to completion of the plant unit. With 80 years of expertise in supplying dependable casting products, over 3,000 installations to date, and a highly experienced technical team, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and the industry.

  • Preliminary survey

    Sketch drawings, investigations of abrasion and loss factors, methods and processes, materials

  • Modifications and improvements

    Identifying problems and suggesting suitable modifications (service life, maintenance losses)

  • Shape and materials

    Redesigning shape, recommending materials, creating new materials

    Key benefit

    We offer 3-D CAD curve sketching for shape modification. We have a range of more than 500 different materials, as well as the capacity to design new materials.

  • Castings

    Shape profiles based on cross-sectional data, combined with CAE simulations of melt fluidity and solidification analysis, are used to reduce the lead time for prototype development. Meanwhile, deformation analysis based on CAE stress calculations is used to assess the potential for deformation during heat treatment and production of welding and assembly components.

    Key benefit

    We can choose of four casting lines to suit every product type, scale and lot size. Services include final assembly and maintenance.

  • Quality assurance

    High-energy X-ray radiography tester, 3-D measuring systems, industrial X-ray machines, Co-60 and 192-Ir gamma ray radiography equipment

CAD, CAM and CAE systems

At Pacific Special Alloy Castings, we use CAD data to generate advantage in the form of concurrent engineering services. CAD data is forwarded to the relevant departments at the initial ordering stage in order to ensure that the final product is optimized to client requirements. This generates advantage in the form of efficiencies that ultimately benefit the client.

  • Design

    3-D CAD data is linked to computer aided engineering (CAE) stress calculations for stress analysis tailored to the circumstances. This is used for functionality validation and shape optimization of the design article.

  • Sales and quotations

    Based on the supplied CAD data, we extract detailed product information including shape, dimensions and weight, and use this to optimize the product design to your specific requirements.

  • Manufacturing

    Analysis of 3-D CAD data through CAE fluidity and solidification simulation reduces the prototype development lead time while enhancing product quality levels.

  • Machining

    3-D CAD data is fed directly into the CAM machining system for high-precision machining with optimum efficiency.

  • Quality assurance

    Inspection records (typically from 3-D digitizers) are checked against the original 3-D CAD data for validation of product design precision and reliability standards.

    3-D CAD system Think Design 4
    3-D CAM system DEPOCAM 1
    CAD data conversion software XchangeReader 1
    2.5-D CAD system I CAD SX 2
    2-D CAM system Autocad LT 3
    3-D CAD/CAM system PowerSHAPE/
    3-D CAD/CAM system VISI-CAD 2
    3-D cutting simulation VERICUT 1
    3-D fluidity and solidification analysis  JS-CAST 2