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Casting products for the energy sector

Pacific Special Alloy Castings is the first ever casting manufacturer in Japan to be awarded ASME Section III accreditation for turbines and associated components for hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power stations, which we have been supplying for many years. We are proud of  the largest share of the japanese market in hydroelectric turbines, with production capacity of 60 turbines per year.

Hydroelectric power plant

  • Pelton turbine

    Material: JIS SCS6
    Weight: 5,500kg

  • Assembly-type Francis turbine runner

    Material: JIS SCS6
    Weight: 12,500kg

Thermal and nuclear power plants

  • Casing

    Material: JIS SCPH21
    Weight: 3,000kg

  • Nozzle diaphragm

    Material: JIS SCS19
    Weight: 4,000kg

Pump components

The advanced research program at Pacific Special Alloy Castings has produced a variety of high-performance pump components featuring corrosion-resistant super duplex stainless steel and super austenitic steel castings, and these are widely used today in a range of applications involving fresh and salt water as well as concentrated seawater. Our pump range includes fully integrated units as well as disassembled pumps that are ready for welding. These are typically used with materials such as high polymers and chemicals at industrial production facilities.


  • Power plant pump impeller

    Material: JIS SCS14
    Weight: 3,500kg

  • Impeller

    Material: ASTM A890 Gr.5A Super-Duplex Stainless
    Weight: 400kg

Seawater pump casing

  • Multistage seawater pump

    Material: JIS SCS11
    Weight: 1,300kg

  • Seawater casing

    Material: ASTM A890 Gr.6A Super-Duplex Stainless Steel
    Weight: 1,720kg

Nickel base alloy products

Pacific Special Alloy Castings offers conventional iron-base casting products alongside high-performance nickel base alloy castings with superior strength and thermal and corrosion resistance properties. Common alloys include Hastelloy, Monel and Inconel, with argon oxygen decarburization (AOD) to enhance melt quality. We supply some of the largest nickel base alloy castings in the world, typically for high-performance applications such as valves on acid feed lines at chemical plants and ultra-critical steam turbine components that are required to exhibit exceptional strength at extreme temperatures.

  • Nickel base alloy production

    Hastelloy Hastelloy C(ASTM A494 CW12MW)
    Hastelloy C-22(ASTM A494 CX2MW)
    Hastelloy B(ASTM A494 N12MV)
    Hastelloy B-2(ASTM A494 N7M)
    Hastelloy X
    Monel Monel 400(ASTM A494 M35-1)
    Monel K500 (steel specifications)
    Inconel Inconel625(ASTM A494 CW6MC)
  • Vacuum melting furnace + AOD smelting furnace

    AOD smelting furnace

    Capacity: 5,000kg

    High-temperature heat treatment furnace

    High-temperature heat treatment furnace

    Maximum temperature = 1,250°C

Key products

  • Valve body

    Material: ASTM A494 CW12MW Hastelloy C
    Weight: 1,600kg

  • Pelton turbine

    Material: ASTM A494 CX2MW Hastelloy C-22
    Weight: 60kg

Compressor and Others

We supply a wide range of compressor bodies to suit turbo compressors, reciprocating compressor and multistage compressors, as well as mixers for rubber kneading machines and monuments.

Compressor, rotor

  • Reciprocating compressor body

    Material: JIS SCS13
    Weight: 2,000kg

  • Rotor for rubber kneading machine

    Material: JIS SCNCrM2A
    Weight: 1,700kg


  • Monument

    Material: JIS SCS13

  • Monument

    Material: JIS SCS19