Quality Control

Global quality assurance system

Pacific Special Alloy Castings uses the ASME quality management system and is accredited under the ISO quality management system as well as quality accreditation schemes such as CE Marking. All products are designed in accordance with a number of international quality standards to ensure compatibility throughout the world.
Quality assurance is predicated on the latest inspection equipment including NDI units operated by trained and qualified personnel. Where requested, Pacific Special Alloy Castings will conduct product testing on specific products and provide 100% inspection orders.

Global quality assurance system

Made to domestic and international standards including JIS, ISO, ASME and CE

Factory certification status(as at April 2014)

Certifying body Lloyd’s Register (LR)
Scope Ingots and castings Stainless steel products
Date March 1966 March 1979
Certifying body Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
Scope Low alloy steel and stainless steel castings
Date January 1980
Certifying body Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
Scope Quality systems ISO9001
Date March 1999
Certifying body Lloyd’s Register (LR)
Scope CE Marking and conformance with EU pressure equipment directive PED97/23/EC
Date February 2009

NDI qualified personnel (as at January 2015)

Classification JIS approved ASME certified
  Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Level 3
Radiographic inspection 1 4 1 3
Ultrasonic inspection 0 5 4 3
Magnetic particle inspection 0 7 2 2
Penetrant inspection 0 20 2 3
Visual inspection (external) 3

Inspection systems

High-energy X-ray radiography tester (3MeV) ML-5R SWⅡ 1
Gamma radiography tester ⁶⁰Co ¹⁹²Ir 2
Ultrasonic flaw detector USN60SW (and others) 2
Magnetic flaw detector TDF-70-1 (and others) 4
Amsler universal testing machine   2
Hardness testers (HB, HV, HR and HS)   10
Equotip hardness tester (G and D types)   1
Charpy impact tester   2
Ultrasonic thickness gauge 45MG 1
Surface roughness gauge Surftest201 1
Automated thermocouple tester KT-T001 1
Layout machine, FaroArm, FaroGauge   8
Fluorescent X-ray analyzer ZSX(100e) 1
Oxygen / Nitrogen analyzer TC500 1
Carbon / Sulfur analyzer CS230 1
Hydrogen analyzer DH603 1
  • High-energy X-ray radiography tester image

    High-energy X-ray radiography testerTarget thickness range: 3 - 250 mm

  • FaroArm image


  • Layout machine image

    Layout machineStroke(length)
    Arm axis:1,500mm
    Column axis:2,200mm
    Base axis:5,000mm
    Plate size:5,000×4,000mm