Technology Development

Evolution of production technology

Pacific Special Alloy Castings is continually striving to enhance product performance and functionality to cater for the changing needs of the market through a wide-ranging research and development program that encompasses pure research, new materials and production processes. The program uses key partnerships with clients in the field and various educational institutions to improve speed and performance as part of the ongoing evolution of production technology.

Evolution of casting technology

Technology Development Division Main areas of R&D

  • Materials


    The R&D program is founded on our extensive experience in alloy design and uses the latest research facilities to pursue cutting-edge R&D on materials such as nickel base alloy and cobalt alloy that offer superlative heat resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as production systems for super duplex stainless steel and super austenitic stainless steel.

  • New products

    New products

    In conjunction with the development of new materials, we are always looking at potential uses and product applications for new materials. This information is retained in the knowledge management system and disseminated throughout the company as a means of nurturing and stimulating technical development in the company.

  • Production systems

    Production systems

    When it comes to complex and challenging products, it is important to maintain high levels of productivity with consistency of quality. This requires production systems that are tailored to the needs of production facilities. Efficiency and quality are the ultimate goals in manufacturing.  

Inspection Systems

WDS/EDS electron probe microanalyzer JXA-8230 1
Metallographic microscope PMG3 1
Digital microscope VHX-2000 1
Creep rupture tester CF19 5
High-temperature tensile tester RU-10A 1
High-temperature hardness tester AVK-HF 1
Thermal dilatometer DL7000 1
Strain gauge 6002F 1
Corrosion potential meter HZ-5000 1
Pitting and crevice corrosion tester   6
Microhardness tester MVK 1
Wet, dry and high-temperature abrasion testers   1
Saltwater corrosion tester ST-ISO-2 1
Heat treatment test furnace LH120/13 (and others) 5
Electric discharge sawing machine EDS-400T 1
Ferrite meter MP30 1
Crack depth gauge A-6 1
X-ray stress meter PSF-2M 1
50kg high-frequency vacuum induction furnace   1
70kg high-frequency induction furnace   1
20kg high-frequency induction furnace   1
Software for material analysis JMatPro Fe, Ni alloy database 1
Software for thermodynamic equilibrium and phase diagram calculations Thermo-Calc 1
  • WDS/EDS electron beam microanalyzer
    WDS/EDS electron beam microanalyzer
  • Digital microscope
    Digital microscope
  • 20-kg high-frequency induction furnace
    20kg high-frequency induction furnace
  • Heat treatment test furnace (maximum temperature = 1,300°C)
    Heat treatment test furnace
    (Maximum temperature = 1,300°C)